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Overseas Con!

I was in Cyrpus for 14 days last october visiting family. I got a text of vodaphone EVERY DAY telling me to change to a £3 a day surplus so I could 'use my phone as per contract'.  I threw these texts into a black hole and carried on normally.


When I got home and got my first bill since then, I has overspent by a MASSIVE £2. And vodaphone tried to tell me to give them £48 for the privelege????? Swivel comes to mind, and I am leaving Voda when this contract expires. They have robbed my wife of £20 credit and there wont be any more thieving.

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Re: Overseas Con!



Have you spoken to customer services about this and if so what have they advised?



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Re: Overseas Con!

What can they advise? no I didn't. To send me text every day whilst on holiday is bad enough, but I am leaving Voda by end summer, so not bothered now. When I go back to Cyprus in Nov, it will be with a new phone and new company.

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