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texting whilst in Germany to nr

Hello all,

i am always having trouble texting when i go to Germany. now that my dad is in hosp/ailments i may go over a few times this yr. Just got back from 4 days. i teach adults IT so im not thick BUT for the life of me i cannot understand these flippin Bundles and NOT being able to send a couple texts using it from EUROPE. So i got the EuroTraveller i think all over the weekend i sent about 7 texts mostly to UK but a couple to my dads Vodafone.THERE has got to be some deal between Vodafone UK & Vodafone Germany!!!  i got a Bundle Wed last week and today i have NO credit. How does that work? When i 1st joined my credit went within a week all i did was send a few texts to friends & a couple to Germany. i used to be with a Network that just worked betw UK&GE so i didn't have to do anything guess i was spoiled.

i really need to get my head around this! And why my credit goes so quick? i use my apps mostly & small text usage and i get this hassle. God forbid if i was a teenager texting constantly i would need to win lottery to afford payments.

i need DESPERATE help.

Danke Sehr & Thank you ALL


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Re: texting whilst in Germany to nr

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Hi @kimla10


You would probably be better off without Euro Traveller.


With Europe being regulated, the cost for sending a text is only 1p, calls are only 4p per minute and data is 4p per mb.  If you are going to be making a lot a calls and sending a vast number of texts and need to use your UK allowance, Euro Traveller is fine but you are charged £3.00 per day as son as you send a text or make a call.


Take a look at the link below.   Hope it helps.


Travelling Abroad

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Re: texting whilst in Germany to nr

thank you.

i don't send that many texts thats the thing.

When i land i have to email the minibus driver / mum or dad to let them know where i am.

then usually you can count on one hand how many texts i will send from my UK mobile to German mobile of same Network.

then a few texts to UK.

that is all i use my phone for abroad.


From what i can gather (pls correct me), i buy a Bundle and i can text UK nr and get charged for EU mobile numbers.


So when i go to Germany next i will need to top up CREDIT because the Bundle wont work in EU.


i wish it were easier and just applied these when you go abroad like the texts you get when you land in Zurich then Frankfurt that tells you the charges.


thank you and does this make sense?

What is cheapest option because i can't afford £10 every week with charges?

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Re: texting whilst in Germany to nr

Hi @kimla10



Unless you have Euro Traveller, your Big Value Bundle is only for UK use.


Without Euro Traveller, any other European use is charged as extra and you will need to have some additional credit to pay for the few texts, calls and data access but with the low charges, for a few texts and the odd call, you will be paying a lot less than £3.00 per day for the privilege of using your UK bundle.



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