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Assigning a PAYG sim

I got a spare sim card with an upgrade ages ago. I have decided that I would like to use this as a PAYG in one of my old phones for emergencies when I am out dog walking so I don't have to take my brand new S2


Can anyone tell me if or how I can do this please?



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Re: Assigning a PAYG sim

1) If ages ago then likely sim will have been deactivated and you may need to get a new one


2) Assuming old sim still working, or new sim available, plug into old phone, charge up, assuming old handset is either voda provided or unlocked you should recieve a couple of service messages to update the phones settings almost as soon as you fire it up, but will eb able to use it for calls etc as soon as you have some credit on it,


If the phone is network locked to another network you will either have to contact them to get the unlock code, or being as it's out of warenty anyway pay one of the guys on those little mobile stalls you get in markets / shopping centres to unlock it

Note I do not work for voda, Nor now am I a customer
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