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Balance check

I am on Pay as you Talk and have changed my handset to LD KP500 Cookie. I cannot get my balance delivered as a text message on the new handset using *#1345# . The SIM works well on my old Sagem handset. We have 2 Cookies in the family and the SIM does not return the balance on either of them.  Contacting 2345 just returns an instruction to use the *#1345# method which is not too helpful.

I am aware that I could pay to find my balance and that it is available on the website but why does the system not work as it is intended to?

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Re: Balance check

Further to my message above .... if I use the "Balance" option under Pay as You Talk to ask for a balance figure, not only does no answer appear but all of the PAYT options become unusable until the phone is switched off and on again.



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Re: Balance check

What am I missing here?


If I search the eforum for "Balance check" (the listed subject of my post) my post does not appear in th results..


Not only that but I added an explanatory post as a reply to the first one and suddenly my problem is mrked as SOLVED!!!!!

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Re: Balance check

Your post is there in the list of posts on the PAYG board.


Your post hasn't been marked as solved.  You are referring to the button you can click to show that a specific post has resolved your issues.

Has my post helped you? If so please click the Thumbs Up button!

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Re: Balance check

[ Edited ]

Thanks CE etc.

As a newby to the forum I find it anything but intuitive. If I click on the button marked with a green tick "Problem solved" (which you say doesn't really mean what it says) all I get is options about the link itself.


I have read the eforum help information nut have obviously not understood it.


The explanatory blurb mentions a button "accept as solution" but I don't see one on the replies. 



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Re: Balance check

Hi bruckshaw

Yes, the "Problem solved" button does cause a bit of confusion, and it's my understanding that this is on the list for sorting out next time the eForum gets a spruce up. I'm browsing the forum from my phone just now, and the button on the mobile website is labelled "Accept as solution"!

With regard to your original problem, I located this thread - it's quite an old one, and 2345 did work in that case, but it certainly seems that the Cookie throws up some strange problems. Have you tried calling 1345?

BTW, my search did produce this thread as well, so the indexing has caught up!


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Re: Balance check

[ Edited ]

Thank you Annie. The issue is not that I do not know my balance (I can get that from the Vodaphone pages) but that trying to use the "Balance "option disables all the other options on the PAYT screen of the phone until I restart the phone.

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Re: Balance check

I have not been able to access my balance either on 2345 or through my account for several days.  2345 goes straight to  - I have 4 options... and my account tells me there is a problem that techies are working on.  My wife's balance works jsut fine.


Any help available?

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Re: Balance check



The fact that your wife’s is working makes be think its account related. Get in touch here and we'll see if there is anything that we can do.





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