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Change from contract to PAYG

The pay monthly contract for my vodafone phone finished months ago. I have still been paying a monthly fee since the end date although I hardly use the thing.  I want to keep the same phone and the same number. I want to stop the pay monthly contract and change to PAYG. All I used my phone for is to send very few text messages a month and make about an hour of calls a year.  Is it possible to do this online through my account?  As an extra,  it woulld have been nice of vodafone to have contacted me when my contract ended and aasked me if I had wanted to change it. 

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Re: Change from contract to PAYG

Hi sdrawkcab,


With any contract on any provider your agreement is for a minimum term and after this point it will then continue on a rolling monthly basis with no minimum commitment period.


However to cancel the agreement we do require a 30 day notice period.


So that we can put this on the account and transfer your number to PAYG I have sent you a direct PM with our contact details, simply follow the instructions on the PM and one of the team will be able to action this for you.


You can find your PM inbox here.




If you have any comments regarding how I have handled your query today, please complete our short feedback survey.



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