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Charge for incoming International call



I received an international call from France. My phone is on "pay as you go". I do not know what balance I had before that call. How can I find out if I was charged for that incoming call and how much?


I wanted to check it on my account online but could not login. The system says that my phone is already registered online but I do not remeber any of the: login, password, PIN, memory word etc. So could not login and could not register again.


Thank you

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Re: Charge for incoming International call

If you are connected to VF UK while in the UK, you won't be charged for international incoming calls, unless of course it was some kind of reverse charge call, but you would have been informed of that at the start of the call. It will be the caller that bears the brunt of the charges.
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Re: Charge for incoming International call

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Oh, I hope that you are right. I am connected with Vodafone UK and I am in the UK. The call lasted for about 9 minutes and it was a job related call. So I am not sure if I need to claim anything from the company...

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Re: Charge for incoming International call

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Yes, grolschuk is exactly right. I have a PAYG phone with Vodafone UK, and have received plenty of incoming international calls while in the UK without any charge.


You do need to hold on here for help from the Tech Team on your lost log-in details, as the online account now gives details of chargeable calls etc for upto 90 days, which can be tremendously helpful in identifying where your balance goes to. Also you can tweak other settings on your account as necessary.





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Re: Charge for incoming International call

Hi OlgaCD


I've been unable to send you a private message as this has been turned off. You can turn this on via your settings here.


Let me know when you've done this or alternatively Live Help here can get this info for you :smileyhappy:.





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Re: Charge for incoming International call

Hi OlgaCD,


I’ve now sent you a private message.


Take a look here for how to get in touch and we can check this for you. :smileyhappy:





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