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Direct Debit Setup Problems

Hi Guys,

Recently returned to Vodafone after getting a good deal on a Xperia Arc S.

Ever since I've been struggling to get a direct debit setup up, I've now made 3 phone calls to Vodafone and 1 to my bank and it's still not right.

The first attempt was a system issue, I needed to call back in 24 hours, so I called back today and there's an error again, I need to call my bank as its an account issue.

After a 40 minute call to LloydsTSB there was no issue with the account so I call "customer service" again and apparently now there is no issue and it should be setup.

Unfortunately I dont trust that the person at the other end has set it up correctly because it all seemed over too quickly, can someone from the eForum team check things for me, I actually trust you guys as your have dealt with a few enquiries for me in the past.


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Re: Direct Debit Setup Problems

Hi daffi85


Thanks for the kind words towards us, it nice to see that you trust us.

An email is on its way to you now so we can check everything for you.



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