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Freebie rewards

I have a pay as you go mobile broadband usb internet dongle so can I register for rewards?
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Re: Freebie rewards

can't spend my rewards

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Re: Freebie rewards

Hi guys,


Lolli101 - The Freebees are only available for phone customers. Mobile Broadband customers aren't included in the promotion.


milly2dolly - What's haopening when you try? Are you using the same login details you have registered for My Account?



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Re: Freebie rewards

Thanks Dave. My thoughts for Vodafone, I think its terrible that only phone users on pay as you go are rewarded, all pay as you go users should be eligible for rewards. Been a customer for 19 years, no rewards for loyalty?!
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Re: Freebie rewards

I am really getting stressed out I have been trying to claim my freebie rewardz for 6 months and never can get to claim them, always get to claim rewardz page only to find vodafone closed down or unable to open page really starting to feel let down with vodafone been a pay as you go customer for around 10 years

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Re: Freebie rewards

Hi jane1, 


We can help with this, we'll just need access to your account. 

Take a look here for how to get in touch.





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