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Freedom Freebee Unlimited Texts

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[EDIT: I got this sorted on the Live Chat, apparently it was just a technical issue and the policy really no longer applies.]




I recently bought a £10 Freebee (9th March I think) and have since used up all 3000 of my "unlimited" texts. Online, it told me how many out of 3000 I had left to use, but upon dialling 2345 I was simply told I had "unlimited" with no specific number. I understand it's not truly unlimited under the Fair Usage Policy, but according to the last post by James in this thread - - it no longer applies and they are truly unlimited. 


Truthfully, his post was after I had already bought the Freebee so is it possible it was only a recent change I missed out on but will have next month?




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Re: Freedom Freebee Unlimited Texts

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Hi rodox,


I'm glad you got this sorted. :smileyhappy:



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