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Freedom packs not working?



I for some reason when I try to get a freedom pack i can only get £5 - text pack or web pack? When i then click another link to freedom packs i get a message saying the service is unavailable. I want to be able to buy the £10 freedom pack how can i do this without having to goto the shop. I'm not being lazy just the que in the local shop is huge normally and i don't want to have to stand around for 15 - 20 mins just to get a £10 freedom pack.


I have also tried online yet still no luck :smileysad:


Is there any way i can change top up credit into a pack as i have had to buy £10 top-up instead so that i can at least call someone.



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Re: Freedom packs not working?

I have had the same, click the link for freedom packs and just get the £5 pack option.


 I used my bonus bank credit for a freedom pack and it said there was an error and it wasn't available at the time and just put credit on the phone. 



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Re: Freedom packs not working?

Hi mrsean93 and welcome to the eForum


Thanks for your post here. I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with this. I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.


Can you tell me if you have opted for Vodafone freebies? If you have then you cannot get Freedom packs as well.


If not, then can you tell me if you have ever been able to get the £10 Freedom packs? Has it been a temporary thing?


Please let me know and we'll be happy to look into this further for you






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