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Getting a PAC code

I've been trying to get a PAC code from Vodaphone for several days now but the recorded message is always the same - that the service is not available.   Apart from the fact that this is pretty poor customer service, is there any way I can get this PAC code without having to dial a premium rate number?





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Re: Getting a PAC code

Hi Sarahfm


You can request your PAC code by calling 191 from your Vodafone line. Alternatively you could fill out the contact us Webform or pop into your local VF store and they can arrange it for you there.

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Re: Getting a PAC code

Hi sarahfm,


Thanks for your post and welcome.


Is there a particular reason why you want to cancel your contract?  Thanks to drey_p for that help too. :smileytongue:


A PM is on the way to you now.


Follow those instructions and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help with this.


We’re a small team and are very popular, so don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of days for us to call.





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