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HELP!! Internet not working- FREEDOM FREEBEE

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I have the text and web freebie, the texts are still working but the web is not working any more.


I tried checking to see if my internet ran out but when i call up the answer phone returns me to the main menu without saying my balance, and when i log on to my online account it just says a problem has ocurred when i try check my allowance and how much i have left.


My phone for some reason does not connect to wifi either so im left unable to use the internet at all. 

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Re: HELP!! Internet not working- FREEDOM FREEBEE

Hi mdasilva89,


This is a bit strange since you can’t connect to Wi-Fi or the mobile network.


What error message do you get?


What phone are you using?


If you back up all of your data and perform a factory reset, does the issue continue?



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