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How can I get my security code, PIN etc!!

After spending countless hours on this site getting nowhere, I am no closer to obtaining the details I need to top-up, check my balance etc.


Tried live chat, but the advice given crashed my PC.


Tried emailing through the site but get a message saying 'the page I'm trying to access is unavailable - contact the administrator'


Apparently, the codes have been sent to my Vodafone SMS, but as I don't have the code to access SMS, I can't get the codes I need to do anything!!


Every turn is a dead end, and I can't afford to spend £1.50 a minute calling Vodafone again!!


What am I supposed to do to sort this out!!

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Re: How can I get my security code, PIN etc!!

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Are you referring to a PAYG SIM for broadband or talktime/texts? I'm confused why you'd need access codes to get to SMS messages?


If it's a mobile broadband SIM, do you, or a friend, have a vodafone phone you can put the SIM into so that any text can be read?


If it's none of these, any additional details that you can give may help the mods here to help you :smileyhappy:

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