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New Sim Already Subscribed To Premium Sms Service

Does Vodafone "preload" new PAYG SIMs with subscriptions to it's own premium rate services?

I bought a new PAYG mobile today from a Vodafone shop, and it already had four SMS messages about formula 1 racing from Sky Sports (41024 Vodafone GPOTF). It then sent me a message saying I had a premium rate message waiting, but I have insufficient credit to receive it.

As I haven't yet used the phone, and as some of the SMSes had arrived before I bought the phone, it appears that Vodafone had chosen to subscribe the SIM to this service on my behalf.

I'm not terribly happy about this, because it's not in the terms and conditions for the phone, and no-one in the shop mentioned it to me. Is it allowed for my phone company to push services to me and debit my account without my consent?

Looking at it the other way round - I was sold the phone by the Vodafone shop as a new phone. Is it possible that the phone is actually a refurb, and the Vodafone shop is selling "old for new"? Might be a job for my local trading standards..
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New Sim Already Subscribed To Premium Sms Service

It's more likely that the number has been recycled and whoever had the number before signed up to the services

Call customer care or take the SIM back to the shop for a new one

W :ph34r:
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New Sim Already Subscribed To Premium Sms Service

Hi votm3o2,

Welcome to the eForum - this is a bit of a puzzler!

I think that W.T.F. Could be absolutely right (Cheers W.T.F. ;) If someone has had the number before you then it could have been signed up to some subscription-based services - we would never sign you up without your consent

Have you taken that advice and exchanegd your SIM? If not, I've sent you an email, reply to this for me and we'll get intouch to get this sorted out, alternatively, you can order up to 4 free Pay as You Go SIM cards from the Vodafone shop :D

eForum Team
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