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PAYT - Unlimited text bundle - where is it?


I bought a new iPhone 4 PAYT recently from the Vodafone online shop, and at the time of purchase was offered an 'extra' - the opportunity of unlimited texts for a month at the price of £4.70. (Presumably on a rolling basis.)

Having got the phone and set it up, this bundle has so far failed to appear! I have phoned 08080 408408 twice and after being shunted around a number of departments ended up speaking to customer services, who hadn't heard of such a thing and would I like to buy a Freedom Pack? I tried another number I had been given and after the same pillar-to-post performance was just cut off!

I think I would have believed I had been imagining things by now were it not for the fact that it is there in black and white on my order confirmation email, as the offer has since disappeared from the website.

Please can somebody shed some light on this 'unlimited text' offer, and why, having ordered it, it hasn't appeared?

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PAYT - Unlimited text bundle - where is it?

Hi mozart333

I've just sent you an email so we can have a look into this for you.

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