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To Check Credit

Just a quick one !!! what do I input into my pay as you go Vodafone Smartphone to check my credit and existing texts, internet ????


Thanks in advance


Aimee :smileyhappy:

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Re: To Check Credit

Hi Aimzz,

You can call *#1345# to check your balance

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Re: To Check Credit

Why isn't 1345 working? I haven't been able to check my balance for weeks, and therefore don't know what I've got left on my Freedom Freebie - Costs and Usage site also down on the website. Val.

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Re: To Check Credit

Hi valsieff,


This should now be working.


If not can you also try calling 2345 to see if this is available as it should give you the information you’re after?



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Re: To Check Credit


i am having the same problem, cant check my balance using 2345 (calling or texting) or by logging on the web. this is very frustrating, its been going on for few days, i dont know when freedom pack expires, please advise.


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Re: To Check Credit

Hi katarinaly


I'm sorry to see you're having problems trying to check your balance. I've tested 2345 and it appears to be working fine. If you're still unable to get through pop me a message here and I'll be in touch.





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