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Top Up not working

I have tried about 5 times to top up on my phone today and i keep being told that my card "cannot be autherised at the moment" and the same thing has happen online,what is going on????? never had any trouble topping up yesterday!!:smileymad:

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Re: Top Up not working

Hello twinkle-toes


This is probably because you used the same card to top up today when you only used the card to top up yesterday.


Try topping up using a different registered card or use an alternative method to top up.  You will be able to find all the alternative way to top up from the following link from the website.


Vodafone PAYG - More Ways to Top Up

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Re: Top Up not working

I have been having exactly the same problem for the last two days

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Re: Top Up not working

Hi RogerCookson,

If you are having problems topping up with your Credit/Debit card then your best and quickest option would be to give Customer Care a call either on 191 from your phone or 08700776655 from another line.. They will be able to see what is causing the issue

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Re: Top Up not working

I have been having the same issues for 5 days. I do not have my registered card on me and am in Italy so can't use the ATM options etc. I have tried multiple different types of cards (debit, credit, visa, mastercard) in mine and my boyfriends names, online and by phone. Continually get the message that the transaction cannot be executed. Have had calls from my bank saying on one transaction the security code was incorrect (which is not true) and on another the address wasn't correct (also not true). I couldn't find any option on the phone line to be able to speak to a person to explain the issue. Submitted a query via the website but that has so far only resulted in a series of security questions and no interest yet in my urgent issue. Have now lost all hope and really fed up.
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Re: Top Up not working

Hi Paulaannoyed


We can give you a call take the payment and apply the top up for you however before we can do this I have sent you a private message containing further information we will need to give you a call :smileyhappy:


Reply back with all the information needed and we'll be in touch.





P.S You can find your PM inbox here.


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