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Using PAYG dongle abroad

Hi there,


I've tried to find an answer on the website but having no luck so I'm hoping some lovely person will help me out.


I bought a payg dongle as I was moving house and have to wait for my current provider to transfer my broadband.


I am going on holiday next week to Tenerife and I like to take my laptop with me as it's cheaper to use VOIP services to call home than use my mobile.Last time I was there the complex (not a hotel but residential) I stayed in had a wifi hotspot that I paid 25 euro for 5 days usage.


I'm staying somewhere different this time and not sure if they have wifi so I was wondering if my dongle will work there and how much it will cost to use?I understand my usual allowance from my £15 top up won't apply.


I am not a heavy user abroad,as I said I just like to use it to call home and keep an eye on my bank balance.


Would it be too expensive to use the dongle?Do payg dongles work abroad?Or should I just try and find internet cafes etc?


Any help or advice anyone can give me will be most appreciated.


Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:


Leanne xx



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Re: Using PAYG dongle abroad

I'm almost certain pay data accounts are barred for all usage outside the UK. The vodafone help section states this too.
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Re: Using PAYG dongle abroad

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I guess this is probably too late for you leanne but for anyone else reading this - I connected fine with my PAYG dongle in France yesterday, surfed all day and it cost me a fixed £8 in credit. I'm not sure how much data I used, but I 'assume' I had up to 100mb as per

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