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disable message answer 121

how do i disable my answer call system?

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Re: disable message answer 121



Here are the instructions:


standard voicemail.

  • to turn on standard voicemail - call 1211 from your mobile phone
  • to turn off standard voicemail - call 1210 from your mobile phone.

To have all your calls go straight to voicemail, set it to immediate voicemail. This means your phone will not ring.

  • to turn on immediate voicemail - call 1212 from your mobile phone
  • to turn off immediate voicemail - call 1213 from your mobile phone.

You can also use the voicemail menu to change your voicemail to either standard or immediate. Just call 121, or +447836 121121 if you are abroad. Then press 1 for the main menu, 4 for mailbox settings and 4 for diverts.

Although these calls are free of charge in the UK, if you are a pay as you go customer you will need credit to make these calls


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