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termination help


Thought id join this and see if anybody would be able to help me in my less fortuate situation..


So basically when i took my contract out i was happily employed and working, and after christmas i lost my job therefore - no money - no bank account - no vodafone contract.


Does anybody know what i can do? The customer advisor was hopeless. I understand there is a termination fee but even then mines is over £500 and i cant afford to pay that off, I cant even pay my 36 pm never mind 500.


I tried to get my tariff lowered - no luck. Vodafone have dissapointed me in a time of need and help!!


Anybody been in this situation or know of any different solutions?

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Re: termination help

Hi pw992


Thanks for your post here. I’m very sorry to hear of you losing your job. I can appreciate how difficult this must be for you.


Your best options are to either, transfer the account into some one else’s name and have them take on the payments and contract terms etc. Or, sell your current mobile and use that to offset the cost of the early termination charge.


Please let me know if you have any more questions and we’ll be happy to help you further.





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