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topping up - failures on voafone systems

Its has just taken me , yet again, over 40 minutes to top up my phone online.

My account login rejects my login mutiple times - always showing an Oracle login failure and suggesting I contact the system adminstrator - rubbish .


the 'quick' top up pages kept suggesting I buy a pack from  a non- existant list of packs then insisted I buy a pack before going any further.  Rubbish again.


eventually , again, I changed my account password and after going through that process it let me top up.


Its very simple vodafone, Online - I provide the number, I provide card details and it TOPS UP - what is so difficult ??


There are 1000s of similiar complaints - the alternative is to go elsewhere.


Its bad testing and bad implementation of simple top up services, sort it out.






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Tech Team
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Re: topping up - failures on voafone systems

Good Afternoon mhd89, 


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 


We're working on My Account at the moment to make the experience better. This is ongoing so won't be fixed overnight but improvements are definitely been worked on. 



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