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Unlock code not working

2: Seeker

Hi all, any help keeping my sanity would be much appreciated. After an 11 month saga with Vodafone I finally received an unlock code, only for it not to work. After 5 or 6 in store visits & online chats, and hours of lost time, I am looking for a member of the team to step up and sort out my problem. 


My IMEI number was correct, however the unlock code did not work. I will give a brief history of my problems with Vodafone in case the solution lies therein. 


>March 2016: I buy unlocked Sony Ericcson in Vodafone store in John Lewis Oxford street

>May 2016: phone develops a sound fault, I take it back to the store as it is within the guarantee and they send it off to be fixed

>June 2016: I pick the phone back up, however while being fixed the phone appears to have been locked onto the Vodafone network. I am going abroad for 5 months, so I have no option but to use a different phone.

>Vodafone refuses to consider unlocking the phone unless I am a customer, and don't seem to recognise that paying £139 for a handset qualifies me as a paying customer.

>December 2016: I give in and buy a pay as you go SIM, eventually after 30 days I receive an unlock code. 


And yes, you got it, the bloody unlock code doesn't work. 


What do I do? Who can help?

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Sorry to hear about your experience trying to retrieve a network unlock code (NUC).


I've sent you a private message with a link to contact us. Please follow the instructions and a member of the team will be in touch.

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