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Default to credit rating

Good afternoon,


I was a loyal customer of Vodafone for over 5 years until summer 2016, when I decided to go with another network due to signal problems in my house.


On visiting my local Carphone Warehouse I was told that by taking out a contract with them they would be paying to take me out of my Vodafone contract in order for me to start a new contract with the new provider. I have recently realised that Carphone Warehouse were indeed lying to get my custom.


I had a final bill from Vodafone through in August 2016, which I assumed detailed how much Carphone Warehouse had paid to get me out of my contract, and subsiquently ignored the letter.

Only now on checking my credit score after being refused for a mortgage on mine and my fiance's dream house have I found out that this is due to a default being issued on my Credit Report. I feel this is highly unfair as no warnings were given regarding the default or late payment of a measly £82. I paid the outstanding balance as soon as I found out about it and now owe nothing.


I gather the Mobile Phone companies are not regulated by the Consumer Act 1974 and therefore are not required by law to send an official default warning letter.


However, there was an official contract in place between Vodafone and myself and this therefore is covered by Contract Law. Clearly there was a 'breach of contract' and therefore Vodafone was lawfully obliged to send notice of this breach, and to have given a reasonable amount of time for the breach to be remedied.


Clearly Vodafone has not followed the official guidelines set out by Contract Law and therefore the Default is unlawful and should be removed.


I also have an online chat transcript in which one of Vodafones customer advisers assures me that Vodafone will do their best to get this default removed from my Credit Report.


I look forward to your reply and I thank you for your time.




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Re: Default to credit rating



You may find some info in this thread that may help. 


Default-on-your-Credit-File and how to add a notice of correction..


When a person end a contract Vodafone send a final bill by post in approximately 2-4 weeks and is taken by direct debit. 


Unfortunately you've assumed wrong in regards to the bill. 


If the default is warranted then it'll remain for 6 years. Showing as outstanding then settled when paid. 


One of the Vodafone Team here will catch up with your post and I'm sure officially engage with you. 



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Re: Default to credit rating



I've actually read different forums where Vodafone have removed defaults out of good will.

Also in the online chat I had with a lady called Farheen, she assured me that this default will be removed once paid as it is effecting my place of residence and health.


I will await contact from an official Vodafone representative and if needed contact my local ombudsman regarding the breach in contract law.



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Re: Default to credit rating



I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with our Credit team who can help get things sorted for you.



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