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Direct Debit not taken, lost account details?

Hi all, wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me or can help...


I started a new iPhone contract with Vodaphone last year through e2save. All was fine until I had my number ported from Three which went wrong and I had very limited service for a couple of weeks. Eventually that was sorted and I thought everything was fine.


For the last few days I have had no service at all, I had a web chat a couple of days ago and the advisor could not find my mobile number on my account, only a disconnected number which I assume is my original number before porting. 


Vodaphone have never tried to contact me or send me a bill and I can't get onto my account.


Looking at my bank account, Vodaphone have not been taking any direct debits from me. Only the first one when I started my contract was taken. I haven't cancelled it or changed any details. My phone had been getting full service until a couple of days ago.


Could Vodaphone have lost the details of my contract? This seems like such a massive mess up there end, has this happened to anyone else?


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Re: Direct Debit not taken, lost account details?

Hi @poppy82



I can understand why your frustrated and confused as to what's happening. 


I note you opened up the contract with an independent. 


As such you are their Customer with Vodafone providing the network connection. 


Unfortunately when an independent is involved we do Invariably see hiccups such as the independent being slow in updating the network and passing on information. This hinders Vodafone in setting up network connection. 


I would suggest speaking to the Independent as their customer and ask them to engage with Vodafone in order to get this resolved. 


Have you spoken to the other Network to ask what things look like at their end. 


Sometimes an issue arises where the transfer has not completed properly causing problems with connection ,receiving and making calls, texts etc. This is referred to as a Split Port.


Only customer service via 191 or Live Chat can log this and if necessary escalate this to their Porting Teams. 



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Re: Direct Debit not taken, lost account details?

Thanks for your reply. Surely it isn't anything to do with the independent because they set me up with perfect service with Vodaphone and i only had problems after porting my old number. This suggests it's a problem Vodaphones end now. The split port was fixed and I've had full service for months with the number I had ported.
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Re: Direct Debit not taken, lost account details?

You're welcome. 


I mentioned this as it's something to look at with asking the independent company as your their customer. 


However Vodafone in my experience will still want to try and get this resolved. 


The Vodafone Team here catch up with posts and help where they can. 



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Re: Direct Debit not taken, lost account details?

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Hi @poppy82


Although you should have noticed the direct debit payment had not been taken and queried this, if you had an online account set up for the ported number, you would have been able to see that the account was in arrears.


It's going to need some investigating and account access, at least by coming to the forum you have come to the best place.  Give the Team time to get to the thread, they will get this sorted for you.



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