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Vodafone admits mistake but refuses to recalculate bill, resulting in default on credit file

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Hi all,


Please see below for my story. This happened two years ago and I immediately switched providers as a result of this. I also now have a "default" on my credit history so am taking action to have this removed and rectified. I am more than happy to pay this bill once it has been correctly calculated and I have been provided with a breakdown of this.


If anyone has been in a similar situation, please advise how you solved it. Vodafone have been absolutely useless (as you will see below) and not being a customer anymore has made solving this even trickier. I have just submitted another complain to Vodafone regarding this, though in the past this has not got me anywhere.


  • I used the data allowance on my Vodafone account in February 2015.
  • I received a text from the company advising that I could purchase an extra 1GB data or I would be charged £6.50 for each 250mb I used
  • I replied with '1GB DATA' as required to gain the extra allowance.
  • Despite my reply the same text continued to be received, which I again replied to.
  • My next bill showed I had been charged at the £6.50 rate instead of the extra 1GB allowance I requested.
  • Vodafone advised I would have to visit one of its stores with evidence to allow a recalculation of my bill, which I have done twice
  • My new bill was £10 less when I was expecting at least £26 being deducted.
  • Vodafone has stated the balance of the bill is correct and it is unable to change the decision, despite verification of these text messages
  • Vodafone has referred my account to a debt collection agency to recover the balance, which has resulted in a default on my credit history
  • I have also now switched providers so am unable to view my bill to see how it has been calculated
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Re: Vodafone admits mistake but refuses to recalculate bill, resulting in default on credit file

Hi @jharris20


I'm sorry to hear this. We'd love to help. 


We'll need to check your account to see what's happened. 


Please get in touch following the instructions that I've sent to you in a private message.



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