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Small Business Complaint.

This entire situation is so infuriating that I hope someone reading this just decides to avoid Vodafone together.


I had a personal account with Vodafone

I transferred to small business

Small business and the TOO (transfer of ownership team) are awful.



They transfered my account but 

  • The tarriff was wrong
  • The cost was wrong
  • The data alllowance was wrong 
  • None of the caps was in place
  • I asked for them to fix it, they never did
  • I was charged for going over on my data when there should have been a cap
  • They cancelled my service even though it was under complaint
  • I wrote five letters, all recorded and Vodafone did not reply to a single one
  • This in addtion to about 40 phone calls to the off-shore small busienss team.
  • They have impacted my credit score even though I was waiting for a deadlock letter (this letter never arrived)


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Re: Small Business Complaint.

Hi @onlinechris



I'm not surprised your unimpressed with this.  Smiley Sad


Every post is read by the Vodafone Tech Team here and they do engage and or pass back feedback. 


Unfortunately they cannot access Businesses Accounts so that type of access will have to be between the account holder and Customer Services.  Link > Vodafone contact-us.


In regards to your Credit Score / Credit File being affected my advice while Vodafone investigate is to add a Notice of Correction.


Some information concerning that is in my Help thread here > Default-on-your-Credit-File-and-How-to-add-a-Notice-of-Correction.



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Re: Small Business Complaint.

Hi @onlinechris


With the forum being consumer only with no access to business account, means you are going to need to continue to take this up with the business team. The other alternative is to ccontact Customer Relations by following the complaints procedure below.


Support - Complaints


The golden rule in any dispute is to continue paying and sort everything out afterwards. When you stopped paying, you would immediately put yourself in the wrong and defaut of contract.


When you add anything to your credit file, it can sometimes do more harm than good and this might be something to take into account.


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