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Unlocking your phone (NUC)

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A network unlock code allows you to unlock your handset so that you can use a non-Vodafone SIM card.



Do I receive an unlocking code?


You will receive an email either with the unlocking code and steps to use it or, in the case of Apple devices, an email to confirm that we've requested the unlock by Apple and a resync with iTunes is required to complete the process once it's completed. When connecting to iTunes, please ensure that a non-Vodafone SIM is inserted into the iPhone.


Who do I contact for updates?


If you’ve not received the notification within 7 days of Vodafone notifying you that we’ve requested the phone to be unlocked by Apple, then please contact customer services. Please note, we’re unable to provide updates on your unlocking request once we’ve informed you that it’s been requested by Vodafone.


Does the phone need to have been used on Vodafone UK?


Yes, even if you've bought your phone secondhand. For Pay as you go, you'll need to have been using your PAYG SIM in the phone for 30 days. For Pay monthly you'll need to have paid three bills on time.


Do you need to be in the UK to complete the unlock process via iTunes?


No, but the phone would need to have been used in the UK as above.


What if I have my iPhone exchanged?


If the handset has been exchanged by Vodafone UK then we can still request that your phone is unlocked with Apple. If the handset is exchanged via Apple or another third party (e.g. insurance claim) you’ll need to contact the company that provided your replacement for either an unlocking code, or you can ask the third party to notify us of the new IMEI details. We’re only able to request handset unlocks for phones that have been sold by Vodafone UK or if we've received the new IMEI details from the third party.

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