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Updating Vodafone Connect Router Firmware

Note: This is not about updating firmware on my main router (which is automatic).


I have a (fairly basic) sytem of routers behind my Vodafone Connect router acting as switches and WiFi access points. I have seen so many comments about how bad the backend software on the Connect router was, but when I received the router with my account I was pretty impressed with it for an ISP supplied router. Though this is because Vodafone has made significant improvements to the firmware.

So the routers I have been using are all getting rather old and problems are starting to appear with them. So I decided that it would be nice to replace them with the Vodafone connect router (Gigabit ethernet, 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, Beamforming etc). Thus I purchased three units from eBay.

Unfortunately, although they are the same Huawei 963168_HUAWEIVOX25 units, they have a much earlier firmware version. This means that a number of options are disabled, including the most important one for my needs - the ability to disable DHCP.

Connecting the units in place of my supplied router to get them auto-updated does not work because the network will not allow them to connect to the network. Connecting them behind the router in the same way I do with the other routers does not appear to allow them to update. Although wired connections are quite happy to communicate to the Internet, it wouldn't route WiFi connections.

So (long story, long) Vodafone telephone support said there was nothing they could do to help, and I thought I'd try the forums to see:


a) Is anyone aware of Vodafone making the firmware updates available publically for these routers so that they can be loaded over SSH or some other method?


b) Does anyone know of a department/person at Vodafone I can contact toe be able to get these routers updated - my thought was to have the restriction on router serial number allowed to connect removed so that all of them can be connected directly to get updated. Obviously, even though they are Vodafone routers I realise this would mean accepting that I would relinquish any expectation of technical support for non-network issues.

Thank in advance.

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Re: Updating Vodafone Connect Router Firmware

Hi @DebauchedJester


Vodafone done seem willing or able to make changes to anything other than the original router they supplied to you.

It's a long shot but you may be able to get something from Huawei? Or maybe a firmware for a similar Huawei unit that would work with these...


I can fully appreciate what you're trying to achieve but I just don't think it is going to be possible with Vodafone being as restrictive as they currently are. This stance may change in the future but for now you're pretty much tied down. 



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