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Blocking Incoming International Calls

I am off on holiday to the US soon and I don't want to be receiving constant calls from the UK during my hols from work. How do I block all international incoming calls on a temp basis. I want to receive txts in case of family emergency etc but not calls in the middle of the night like my last holiday!!


I am on contract with an HTC phone


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Re: Blocking Incoming International Calls

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If it's just night-time which is the issue, it may be simpler just to turn your phone off when you go to bed !    However ( depending on the phone ) isn't it possible to change a setting so that all calls go straight to voicemail ??  That might be a better solution.  Failing that, is it possible to have the phone not ring for calls but still play a tone for text messages ?   I must admit I've not tried that one so I don't know if Android is that clever !

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Re: Blocking Incoming International Calls



1 - Divert all calls to Voicemail (*21*121# then press call)


2 - Bar incoming calls when roaming (*351*1919*11# then press call)


To remove these it's

1 - #21#

2 - #351*1919#

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