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Can I change monthly plan to PAYG?



I have been using Vodafone monthly plan for more than 1 year, as I will be travelling frequently and may not be in London so offen, I am thinking to swap from monthly plan to pas as you go.
Alternatively, can you termintate the current plan? Can anyone advise how to apply? Thanks.



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Re: Can I change monthly plan to PAYG?



It depends on how long your original contact duration was for.


For example, if you've taken out an 18 month contract then you'd be committed to paying the line rental for the duration of that period, after which you'd need to give Vodafone 30 days notice to end the agreement. If you cancel early you'd be looking at paying an early termination fee for the remaining line rental.


If you did cancel a pay monthly number you'd also have the option of keeping it and moving over to pay as you go. Again you'd need to give 30 days notice and Vodafone would arrange the switch over.


It's worth speaking to the Live chat team who'd be able to look at your account and help out.



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Re: Can I change monthly plan to PAYG?

Whatever you do don't do it yet as they are having problems porting over numbers . I have been waiting over a week for my number to port over from vodafone pay as you go to Vodafone contract! However I can make calls but haven't been able to receive them or send or receive text messages .
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