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Carrier billing option on Google play

Could you explain to me why I don't have the option "carrier billing" on Google apps? It was there 2 months ago but I tried to buy an app today and the option is gone.
How can I have it back?
I had a useless chat on your website and the answer was: it is not a Vodafone app:-\ the few apps I bought over the last year were not from Vodafone...
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Re: Carrier billing option on Google play

Hi Buzuc


What phone do you have? It's odd that it has just disappeared, have you updated the phone software recently?





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Re: Carrier billing option on Google play

My phone is a Galaxy Note 1 (GT-N7000) running Android 4.1.2

My last purchase was on the 19th june but I can't remember if I bought it before or after the last update but I really don't see how that could have made the option disappear...

Anyway, is there a way to have that option back?

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Re: Carrier billing option on Google play

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Hi Buzuc,


Unfortunately the option has been removed from the play store and is no longer available. We've got more details here.



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