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Change of payment date...why?



My direct debit has always been taken around the 22nd of the month, sometimes the 21st sometimes the 23rd but around that date.


Yesterday I received a text saying that they will now take payment 7 days after the bill is issued. In my case payment will now be taken on the 15th. 


My question is why are they changeing the payment date?



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Re: Change of payment date...why?

Hi camperdown9 


They are doing this to so they can 

"align the payments date with the terms and conditions" - this is a quote from an advisor


what this means, i have no idea, but you can get them to change the date from 7 days after you bill to either 13 20 or 28 days.... i know because i've already had the same conversation....


i only get paid at the end of the month so a DD 4 days before im paid just isnt practical, i've now had it changed so its a few days after my pay day 


hope this helps

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Re: Change of payment date...why?

This will be a major inconvenience for many customers, myself included. As my bill due date never seems to be on the same date I pay by card as soon as I get paid.


I am paid on the last Friday of the month so sometime I am early and the odd time it is a few days over. Now I will ALWAYS be 7+ days over and can see a disconnection happening when the last Friday is the last day of the month. This has not been an issue over the past 5+ years!


 I for one am not happy about this and even less happy that it I was informed by text after the event. Do we get the option of leaving the contract(s) based on this change, as per the price increses?

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Re: Change of payment date...why?

Hi folks,


Full details of the changes were communicated on the text alerts.


If anyone needs to adjust their direct debit date, we can look at options for you. I've sent instructions on how to reach my team to camperdown9 and AnabolicStewie here. 


This doesn't affect your terms and conditions as it has always been stipulated (see here for details). :smileywink:


Cheers, Ben


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