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Charged me 100 pounds without clear reason

Balance from last bill £66.05
Direct debit payment 2 Novcr£60.99
Credit card payment 14 Novcr£100.00
Equipment & other activities 18 Oct£100.00
Adjustments cr£5.06


I have check my account,but clearly, there's no further explaination or e-mail notification that i should pay 100 pounds!

Is there any way to find out?



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Re: Charged me 100 pounds without clear reason

Hi athlon3721,


Without seeing your account, I couldn't say for definite what the £100 charge is for. As it shows as equipment and other activities though, the likelihood is that it's for a phone or accessory.


If you'd like us to check on this for you, then please reply to the email I'm about to send you. Alternatively, if you give customer services a call on 191 or 08700700191 then they'll be able to check too.


Kind Regards,



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