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Do I need to activate new sim/deactivate old sim?

I have just upgraded my Vodafone contract and phone and received my iPhone 5 yesterday, including a new sim as my old one was an iPhone 3GS which has a different sim. I have kept my number (well I am assuming I have because I can't find anything with a new number and the upgraded contract is linked to my old number still) so I think I need to deactivate my old phone or activate my new one? I can't get anything other than 'no service' on my new phone and my old one is working fine. I am guessing there can't be 2 sims active with the same number. How do I go about solving this?

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Re: Do I need to activate new sim/deactivate old sim?

Hi skibs,


When you upgrade, you keep your number yes.


We send out new SIMs inactive for security reasons but it’s a simple process to activate it.


Just login to your My Vodafone and at on the left hand side of the main page, you’ll see a link that says ‘Activate SIM’. Click on this link and you’ll be asked to enter the old SIM number and also the new one.


The activation process is normally quick but can take up to 24 hours. When the new Sim is activated, it will automatically deactivate the old one.


Let me know how you go on.






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Re: Do I need to activate new sim/deactivate old sim?

Thank you for your advice, I also need to activate a new SIM. Unfortunately the requirements do seem to fall over when it is a SIM being replaced as the phone has been lost!


In the swap process you are asked for the old SIM number...clearly if the phone and SIM is lost we do not have that number(and I doubt many people know their SIM?). We are unable to find any details on our account regarding the old SIM as it has been reported lost and blocked?


I am at a total loss to be honest...surely this can be taken care of by account login to my vodafone...vodafone will know the number of the new SIM and it should be a simple transition to that that SIM for our contract number that needs to go on it! Come on, think about this and make it possible through account management online!

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Re: Do I need to activate new sim/deactivate old sim?

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You can get from your My Account. Click on Manage my settings and the old SIM card number is the second line on the my Setting Page. Copy it and you can paste it on the SIM Swap form.

If you have more than one phone, you will have a drop down Menu listing all the number. You can select the one you need.

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