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Early Cancelation



I know you get this message alot about cancelling contracts early through my research on google. In November I took out a new contract through Phones4u. However I already have a contract with yourselves and hoped to be bought out of it and pay it off. It wasnt till after I signed the contract that they told me that I had to phone up and do it myself. When I got home I immediately phoned up and after some time and difficulty on the call centre, they said I had to visit a web page and enter certain details into a form before they would sort it their end. Nothing came about of this so I called them back and they told me the same thing. Over the christmas period I have not had much time to continue with this issue due to working in retail managment but today I tried to do the same again but was unable to find the web form. What I am trying to do is:


  • Pay off older contract
  • Keep the phone number
  • Transfer phone number to newer contract

Any help would be much appreciated as im sick of paying £62 per month and not knowing my number :smileytongue:



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Re: Early Cancelation

If you wish to transfer your number to your new contract which you have taken out through Phones 4U, you would need to pay off the contract and ask Vodafone to put the number on PAYG as a temporary measure.   You would then be able to transfer the number to your new contract from Phones 4U. 


You can find all the information on the following link from the website but the quickest way to find your early termination fee and get the ball rolliing would be to call Customer Care on 191.


How can I end my Vodafone Pay Monthly Contract ?


You can transfer the number through or by calling the Porting Department on 08080 945 945, Option 3.



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