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Early Termination of Contract


I am getting so confused with conflicting advice being given my Vodafone - on this website and at the call centre.

I have 6 months of contract left but am looking to terminate the contract so I can move on to an Iphone. I currently pay £30 per month, however, my account was discounted by the Director complaints Team - as I had many complaints with the new phone - the discount is for the life of the contract.

From the forum I understand the ETF is exclusive of VAT and with a 25% discount as no service is being provided - I have no issue with this. However - when I called I was told I pay the full fee for the remainder of the contract!! SHe worked out £196, I calculated £111!!!

Can someone please let me know what the ETF is please and can anyone help get this sorted for me?


Helen :huh:
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Early Termination of Contract

Hi Helen C

Firstly a very warm welcome to the eForum Team! It's always nice to see new faces on here :)

You are definitely correct in how you worked out the ETF, I'm puzzled as to why there are 2 very different figures :huh:

I've sent you an email, if you can reply back, I'll be able to have a closer look at your account and discuss further options with you.

If you need further assistance, please let me know


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