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Easter Openings



Can anyone tell me if either Vodafone store is open in Doncaster town centre on Easter Sunday, 8th of April?


I'm going to try and upgrade my phone for the 3rd time after being given false hope / information in the past 6 months because of changes in early upgrade options, which has annoyed me no end!!


Thank you!

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Re: Easter Openings

Most stores are open business as usual, but best bet is to contact Customer Services on 191, and ask them to call through for you

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Re: Easter Openings

Thank you very much for your response, much appreciated.

Don't trust 191 due to previous dealings with them, they'd probably give me the wrong information.
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Re: Easter Openings

Find store number in online directory

Call them tommorow and ask 

Note I do not work for voda, Nor now am I a customer
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Re: Easter Openings

Hi sezlouise,


If you can't find out, they're closed or you just don't want to risk it, we can always help arrange any new connections or upgrades for you.


I'll pop you a PM explaining how to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to see what we can offer, which can include deals not available in stores.


You can find your PM inbox here. If you can't access this link, please ensure that the box next to "Turn on private messages" is ticked on this page, and let us know if you need any further assistance.

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