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Extra 1GB Mobile Internet



I used all my data allowence up in one month and I recieved a text from Vodafone asking me whether i wanted an extra 1gb data allownece for £5 extra. I text back "Accept" but then realised this adds an extra 1gb every month which requires me to pay an extra £5 a month. I would like to cancel this extra 1GB mobile internet data as I don't need it and go back to my oringinal monthly price plan. I would like this to be sorted online rather than by phone.


Thank you.

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Re: Extra 1GB Mobile Internet

Hi there


If you would ike this sorted out online, you can do so via the Live Chat option.  Simply click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page and select the Live Chat link.  The quickest way would be over the phone by calling 191.


The eForum Team can assist you but will take a little longer to respond so please be patient and they will drop you a Private Message just as soon as they can.

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Re: Extra 1GB Mobile Internet



May i have eForum team drop me a private message? as the live chat option is currently off. I do appreciate it.


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Re: Extra 1GB Mobile Internet

Hi syedharith92


We can take a look at this for you, just get in touch here :smileyhappy:.





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