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How to delete my account



I just recently changed my sim and reregistered a new account and I was wondering how you delete your old account and old phone number.


I can't see an option for it on my old account. Please help.


Thank you



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Re: How to delete my account

Hi Fi9817,


I am a little confused by your post, can you verify exactly what you are referring too.


Do you mean an account or an online account?

Is the old account a PAYT account that you no longer use?


If it is an online account that you want deleting then let us know and we can arrange for this to be cancelled.


If it is an old PAYT number that you want to cancel, then simply don't use the SIM for 60 days and the number will be disconnected automatically?


If it is a contract number that you wish to cancel let us know and we can arrange for a 30 day disconnection for you. :smileyhappy:



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