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Mis-sold? Off-shore help not helpful

Hi, I am a long standing vodafone customer and have always found sensible advice in eforum so I am hoping you can help as I am about to lose patience. I was called by a VF sales team, very helpful and persistent chap offered me a deal in which my wife's PAYG phone could transfer to VF under my account, stipulating that VF to VF calls were included and that it was a 30 day rolling contract. I have since been charged for this feature. After several weeks and numerous attempts by Vodafone's off-shore team(s) to answer the question (initially they answered several other questions I had not asked, with numerous days between each attempt - this is surely not helping Vodafone brand) they ate now claiming that the promotion applied to expiry of the contract and that the contract expired after 30 days. None of this was made clear by the VF salesperson, I am very happy for any call recordings to be pulled to verify this. Free VF to VF was a key factor in the decision to move my wife's phone to Vodafone and so I am feeling that this deal was mis-sold and the consequent charges higher than I agreed to. The explanation seems disengenuous. The off-shore support debacle has further eroded my loyalty and confidence to vodafone. Is there a body (OFCOM/OFT) who would be interested in this apparent practice of implying that something is included that is then taken away at "expiry" without warning/clarification? I am feeling that a deception has taken place, without wishing to sound too melodramatic ! Any advice would've appreciated, this is a principle as much as a monetary issue. Regards Paul
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Re: Mis-sold? Off-shore help not helpful

Hi silverbmwz3,


I’m sorry to see that you haven’t been able to get this issue resolved yet however, please don’t worry as the eForum team are more than happy to step in and help get everything sorted for you.


So we can do this I have sent you a PM with instructions on how to get in touch with us directly regarding your account, please follow the instructions on the PM and one of our team will be able to pick this up for you.


You can find your PM inbox here.




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