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Pathetic service for a loyal 7 year customer!!!

I could go on for hours letting you know about the unthinkable customer service I've had from vodafone whether it being an individual I've spoken to and not done the correct thing on my account after lengthly calls or just the unfair policies!

I have no idea where to start but all I'm going to do is give brief instances of how frustrating it is being a vodafone customer and how all you want to do is go to the media with all of these complaints and make them put a front page spread about how vodafone need to step up their customer service...

Right I've been a vodafone business customer for almost 7 years I reckon and I've seen a huge decline in customer service over the period of my loyalty to you guys. I've probably spent I excess of over £5000 since I started with you.

Yes when I had issues with phones you would send anther out the next day to replace the faulty one but all te replacements were refurbished. I feel thats not a fare case!

Numerous problems have come up in the past but I've never been so frustrated with you until recently when you started taking double payments on my monthly bills. Just by taking that double payment it caused a spiralling load of problems for me. Also you took wrong payments when I'd specifically said and agreed a different amount. I used to be able to call directly through to a person in business and sort most issues out working seconds. Now I have to go all the way through endless options to then be put onto different departments just for simple answers.

The main issues I'm having now is that I've gone traveling round the world to pick up new business ideas and you have been no help in sorting my issues such as setting up a pin for my voicemail which I never knew I had to do before I left the uk and in fact my last conversation was with you just before I boarded a flight leaving the uk and the customer service lady ne'er mentioned I needed to get a pin for my voicemail. In the end I just asked you to turn my voicemail off as it was costing me to much money calling from abroad. Originally I wanted to put my account on hold as there's no point being with vodafone as a uk customer and using you for calls abroad as it's a ridiculous amount of money to use. So as I'm backed into a corner and have no choice than to Stick with you I tried lowering my monthly tariff a month ago (which still hasnt shown on my bills or online). I've emailed you the last few days or up to a week ago with questions such as why am I receiving text messages (I think these cost me to receive whilst abroad) saying please pay your bill and please pay as you will loose your service with vodafone etc. I have a direct debit in place which pays you every month!!! I have letter confirming a direct debit is set up, I have it online on my account and it on my online banking so why the issues??? I didn't want to loose service AND I hadn't ha a reply from my emails so I decided to pay it online through my account on vodafone but after working out how much I needed to pay and putting in all my card details yet again another issue... 'sorry we are having technical problems, please try again later'. Not falling for that one as it's happened in the past and taken the payment twice. I thought I quickly check my emails to see if the payment had gone through and there it was, thank you for your recent payment????? Huh?? Did the money go through or not???

There's so many other issues I've had with you and 95% of them haven't been dealt with in the way I wanted them or anyone would want.

I may of rambled on a bit but it's the most irritating and most frustrating feeling being stuck and backed into a corner and not being happy when your spending a lot of money.

You guys 100% will not be getting me as an on going customer after I come back (although that means nothing to you).

Rant over but I'm a good customer and really don't ask for much and I have spent a hell of a lot of money in my eyes so I do deserve to be looked after. That goes for thousands of other in exactly the same position as me.

Sorry if there's loads of spelling mistakes. It's all written on the iPhone in a wifi area I've had to pay to use... Better pay for wifi than to re mortgage my house to pay for your data roaming charges!


Theo lyons
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Re: Pathetic service for a loyal 7 year customer!!!

Hi theolyons


I can understand that it is frustrating if an error has happened where you have paid twice, but I am sure that this can be sorted out with our customer service team.


With the PIN on your voicemail, I actually agree that this should be in place as this puts a security block that would stop anyone from gaining access to your emails, just thing of the News of the World thing that has happened recently.


With the data roaming, we offer some excellant packages that are in place that helps you to use data abroad and from what I have seen makes it cheaper than any of our competitors.




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