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Price Plans and VAT

Just a quick query, do the Price plans advertised on the Vodafone website, include VAT or not? Thanks!

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Re: Price Plans and VAT

All Vodafone price plans are inclusive of VAT.  The bill is calculated without the VAT and the VAT is added on at the end.

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Re: Price Plans and VAT

My price plan says it is £30 inc VAT yet I am being charged VAT again on my bill , is this happening to anyone else

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Re: Price Plans and VAT

It has always happened to me another reason why I'm leaving
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Re: Price Plans and VAT

Hi Rosieone


VAT is always expressed seperately on a phone bill as some items you don't pay VAT on.  VAT is one of those things that you do have to pay even if you don't want to.  In your accout you should have something that looks a bit like this:


Your price plan     2 Jun to 1 Jul £25.00


Total before VAT£25.00
VAT at 20% on £25.00£5.00
Total for this bill



When you look at the "your price plan" element - this should be around £25 as this is the value of your plan before VAT.  The "total before VAT" will be the cost of your plan and any calls / texts / data that aren't included in your bundle (before VAT).  If you haven't made any extra calls etc, then your total should be £30 but will be higher if you have.


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Re: Price Plans and VAT

We pay VAT on almost everything we buy. Vodafone has a legal obligation to produce a VAT compliant invoice which means, amongst other things, that the net, VAT and gross have to be shown separately. It doesn't affect the cost to you as a consumer.


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