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Putting a 'cap' on contract bill

I don't want to go over on my contract and as a new customer I don't know if or how you can do this, can anybody help me with this?


Also when will my first bill be taken from my DD?

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Re: Putting a 'cap' on contract bill

Hello tomjpercival


It is not possible to put a cap on a monthly contract but it is easy to keep track of your usage through your online account or from the free 44555 text.


There are some previous threads on the forum asking this question which will give you further help and information.

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Re: Putting a 'cap' on contract bill

On a side note

whilst it is not possible at the moment, the regulator was last week making noises that if the mobile operators didn't voulentarily introduce a capping system, they would look to impose one,


Expect the ability to cap to be rolled out soon,


For now if you are really concerned about capping your monthly costs PAYG is the  way to go

Note I do not work for voda, Nor now am I a customer
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Re: Putting a 'cap' on contract bill

Hi tomjpercival


Thanks for your post and welcome to the eForum :smileyhappy:


As AnnS correctly points out we're unable to place a cap on your monthly bill so that your usage doesn't exceed it's pay monthly allowances. However there are a number of alternative methods to check your bills and usage as well as various notifications informing you if you're about to exceed your allowances for data and roaming.


Firstly, you can call 44555 free from your handset and you'll be sent a text with your up to date usage. You can also monitor your usage via My Account. My Account is also the place to view your online bills and your direct debit debit details. You can also make changes to your account from here.


Finally, if you have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device you can monitor your usage via the My Vodafone app which can be found free in the relevant application store for you phone.


If you have any further questions please let me know. 





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