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Registering New Sim?

After the sim I've been using for the past 2 years has been declared dud, vodafone sent out a new sim for me, however now it's in the phone the top of my screen says "SIM not provisioned:2"

I cant make or recieve calls, I cant send or recieve texts.

I've tried calling 191, 08700700191, and 17298. But each time it just says "Call Failed" and disconnects me.

How can I register my new sim?

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Re: Registering New Sim?

Hi Reba

You will need to use another phone to call in and get it activated, or wait for one of the tech team to get to this post, who will give some other ways to get in touch.

At the moment you just have a blank, unactivated SIM, as sending live ones through the post is not generally a good idea (in case they get lost/stolen/mis-delivered)
Now you have your new SIM, you will need to provide the number on it (usually starting 8944 1000) to whoever you contact, and they will move your connection from the dud one to the new one... 15 minutes later you will have a working phone again :smileyhappy:
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Re: Registering New Sim?

You can also do it via My Account...


Log in > My Device > Activate New Sim (link on left)




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