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Request a PAC Code

Dear Vodafone,


Could you kindly tell me how to request a pac code online as I tried to call the customer services 3 times but it was really busy and ha to hand  up after waiting for over 20 minutes. Please tell me how to request a pac code online??


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Re: Request a PAC Code

You could request this by email from the contact us section on the web site, why do you want to leave ?  Perhaps the team could help 

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Re: Request a PAC Code

Hi salmanzak,


Thanks for posting. It's unfortunate to see you're looking to close your line. If you're just after a PAC, you can request it using our Contact Us form to email the customer services team. 


If however you'd like to see what offers my team can quote for you away from the sales channels, feel free to contact us via this method instead and we'll get in touch. :smileywink:

Cheers, Ben 

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