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Rubbish customer service!!

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Why has it taken 7days to be told my payment didnt go thru even tho i got a confirmation email saying it had!?! Also i think you need to retrain the customer service staff as the person i just spoke to was bloody useless and very rude.
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Re: Rubbish customer service!!

Vodafone will apply for the direct debit 72hrs before the due date so it will show as paid from then until the bank reject it which can take up to 7 days. this is not down to Vodafone but is due to the banking admin policies, so until Vodafone have this confirmed as rejected by the bank then it will show as paid. Nothing to do with "rubbish customer service" as your heading suggests, maybe try to make sure you have funds available on your due date and this wont happen.

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Re: Rubbish customer service!!

Hi HazelConder,


Many thanks for your post here and I’m sorry that you haven’t had the best experience so far in regards to your direct debit and account issues.


Migicman13 is correct in the sense that the account will show as paid until the direct debit bounces twice at which point it is then reloaded on your account which can take up to 7 days due to the bank and the second attempt at the direct debit.


However as this is an account issue there isn’t much we can do directly over the eForum for security reason, with this said I have also sent you a quick PM, if you would like to discuss this further or have any remaining queries regarding this please follow the instructions on the PM where one of our team will be able to pick this up for you.


You can find your PM inbox here.



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Re: Rubbish customer service!!



MagicanMan13  Wow you are so polite. May I ask what do you get from completely suc#### up to the mod? People have a right to be angry if they feel there not getting a good service. After all how much profit do mobile phone companies make out of the customers.


I suggest if you are going to be a mentor then you prehaps be a little kinder and make your points in a clear and polite manner.


Also please dont judge people on money, after all times are very tough and the Corporate companies dont seem to put prices down for people, altough its up to people to check there accounts, once in a while things go wrong. (But I guess you a perfect)


Now be a good mentor and take this in like a good person would.


A few tips for future replys,


Hello, Thank you. <- These go along way in defusing a sitaution. Now dont be a keyboard warrior and get abusive back.


Many Thanks


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Re: Rubbish customer service!!

A note to all noobs  -  the status of "Mentor" appears to be assigned automatically once you have achieved a certain ratio of kudos to posts.   The member is notified but not consulted about this and nor does he/she apply for that status..

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Re: Rubbish customer service!!

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It wasnt a direct debit! I paid using my debit card on the vodafone website i got a confirmation email saying payment had been received. I had the funds in bank as I had just been paid which is when i always pay my bill online. And it did have something to do with rubbish customer service when the woman i spoke to on the phone just kept saying 'well thats not my problem' so in my mind that is rubbish customer service. Thank you James. And thank you dfunk xx
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