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Spam Texts won't STOP

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I have today, in last than 4 hours, received no less that 7 copies of the same spam text message from 89333  (01618840150 CircleMarketing).

I have text STOP three times but the messages have continued since. I am reluctant to call the landline number as I'm concerned about hidden charges.

I have also text STOP ALL to the number (85222) mentioned on their web site ( I did received a thank you reply to this text but have since received another text.

These guys are a complete menace and need to be stopped.


ps: I have NEVER signed up to ANY service from this (my) vodafone number.

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Re: Spam Texts won't STOP

I've known the STOP ALL message to take up to a day to click in with some companies in the past. ..looks like a Manchester landline number for telephone contact.


Found an email address for here which could be worth a try -


Let us know how you get on over the weekend, hopefully they'll have ended by then.

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