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Stolen phone, no insurance :(

I had my brand new HTC Desire S stolen over the Easter weekend, it was uninsured and just into a new 2yr contract. I have already called Vodafone & they have barred my SIM and will be sending a new out.

I’m sure my options are limited but as you can imagine this is very frustrating, I had planned to get the insurance online but the phone was so brand spanking new I stupidly hadn’t got round to it.

I’m assuming I will be liable for the cost of a new handset. Also does anyone know how long does it takes before I am due an upgrade? Also would I be able to get a phone of the same quality?

Any ideas welcome! Thanks

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Re: Stolen phone, no insurance :(

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Oh Jessollonia how awful, it must be so heartbreaking to have lost your beautiful new phone.


Unfortunately, without insurance, there is little that can be done, Vodafone would have only just provided you with a heavily subsidised new phone to go with your contract and any replacement will be at your own expense.


You cannot upgrade unless you are in the last 190 days of your contract, and that online only.  You then get the remaining 6 months added onto your new contract.


The only other thing to do would be to pay off your present contract but that would be much more expensive than buying a new phone.


Take a look at online sites but be careful check and double check the feedback.

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