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Transfer of Ownership - one person to a new account



i have two numbers on my account, i would like to transfer one of them into another name, hence the new person will set up their own direct debit etc


i phoned customer services, who told me to go into a store and i went into the store who informed me that they dont deal with transfer of ownerships lol, so ...... also i have seen the form online, but i am not sure if it applies to me as i dont have a business number neither does the person who i want to transfer to, want a business account


so can i have some help on the best way to do this . thank you

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Re: Transfer of Ownership - one person to a new account

Hi amair.


First and foremost a very warm welcome to the eForum, it is fantastic to see new users here! :smileyvery-happy:


Thank you for your post, I understand how frustrated you must feel, and I would love to point you in the right direction. :smileyhappy:


I was very surprised to hear you had been advised to go in-store, we have our very own ‘Transfer of Ownership Team’ that can do this in a very short period over the phone when the two of you are together, all you need to do is call 191 from a Vodafone handset and ask to be transferred through to them as there is not a direct number.


I appreciate that transferring a number into an individuals name can be great, they can look after their own account and manage this how they wish, and I do have some advice when doing this. 


If the person looking to take the new account is planning on upgrading then do this before the change of ownership, as when you set up a new account there needs to be 3 clear payments before an upgrade can be made, however if you upgrade first, a change of ownership can be done the following day.


I understand this is a little bit of a catch 22 but please be aware, to do a change of ownership a credit check is needed to be done and therefore there is never a guarantee that this will be accepted, so if you do upgrade first and are then declined, a decision has to be made of do you keep it as it is, or do you return the handset within the 7day cooling off period?


I am sure everything will go smooth but I wanted to make you absolutely clear of everything. :smileyhappy:


Let me know how you get on and don't forget to check out Vodafone VIP for the latest news, events and competitions! :smileyvery-



Many Thanks



eForum Team

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Re: Transfer of Ownership - one person to a new account

[ Edited ]

The store should do the new customers identity check,create the new account and do credit check.If credit check fails new customer must wait 90 days before re applying. If all checks pass, store shoul then call transfers team who will transfer the number. :cattongue:

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Re: Transfer of Ownership - one person to a new account



I have 4 lines with vodafone. I understand there must be 3 clear payments for a upgrade but is this the same for new lines? i have made a brand new contract and i am simply trying to transfer this to another person why am i being told that there must be 3 clear payments first if this a new line not an upgrade?



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Re: Transfer of Ownership - one person to a new account

Hi suhel87, 


This is correct. There needs to be three clear payments on the account before the line can be transferred to someone else. 





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