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Upgrade offers for long term vodafone customers



I have been at your vodafone online chat (which I must say is waste of time in kind words, I can send you the chat details to review). I have also been to a vodafone store to be informed that the Z10 was no longer stocked so as a Blackberry user my only option is the Z30. I have checked online and vodafone is only offering a "nearly new" Z10. Why would anyone go on a 24 month contract on a second-hand product? Beats me. Who pays full price for a second hand bentley? My brother was able to get a brand new Z10 only a few weeks ago and now that my upgrade is due I cannot get one.


I have two BB 9900 that are due for an upgrade and the vodafone staff that I have been in contact with have all NOT been very useful. Most of all, they are offering a long term customer of vodafone for over a decade the same deals as a new customer (easy way to drive away existing customers).


In addition, When I had two BB 9700 on my account, I was a vodafone business customer with business insurance for both paying £12 a month plus the price plans. Somewhere along my last upgrade to a BB 9900 vodafone changed my account from business customer to personal customer. That's not even the bad part, after the change to my account, vodafone did not even contact me to let me know of this change, vodafone still had me paying the business insurance for the past 24 months.


So as you can see, now that I have reached my upgrade date, only a satisfying upgrade plan will make me stay with vodafone. I have also used the latest and greatest blackberry's from vodafone but now, I have second thoughts whether I have the energy to deal with the same disappointment for the next 24 months or to start a new relationship with another network.


I look forward to your soonest reply.

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Re: Upgrade offers for long term vodafone customers

Ah good old loyalty eh... Can't beat it

You pay the money you receive a service... All networks are the same unfortunately..
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Re: Upgrade offers for long term vodafone customers

Hi obilondo, 


We do have a small team who will be happy to discuss your upgrade options with you. You can see how to contact them here





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Re: Upgrade offers for long term vodafone customers

Hi Kay,


I have sent an email to the team and still waiting for an update.


Also, noticed that the following link from the automated reply does not work.




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Re: Upgrade offers for long term vodafone customers

Hi obilondo


I can see that Amanda has been in touch :smileyhappy:.





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